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About us

Based on superior quality of goods, and as well an individual approach to each of our clients demands, our company Magic Fruits Land has positioned itself as the leader in the export of fresh, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables on the European market. During the years of operation, we have achieved reliable and successful business cooperation with large retail and wholesale FMCG chains in Russian Federation and European Union. By the strict selection, we have chosen each of our suppliers carefully, insisting on high criteria standards of quality and full health control traceability, to ensure the highest quality of goods for our customers. The key to our success is our commitment to each client as well as our experience and expertise in service to meet the demands of our customers, creating and maintaining strong business partnerships. Our satisfied clients is our best recommendation: Delhaize group, Mercator, Spar, Metro Cash&Carry, Asan, Magnit, X5, Dobronom, NTS, Idea, DIS, etc.